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Singer Dang Mai Phuong has become the second Vietnamese singer to be named in Billboard chart with her performance of the original sound track for Trưng Vương (She-Kings) cinematic project. 

Easy-to-make egg masks for brighter skin

Egg is a nutritious kind of food that is popular in daily diets. Yet, not many people know that egg is also a useful material for nurturing skin, which helps bring along bright, smooth and shiny skin.

Caring for face skin with yoghurt

Yoghurt is not only a good kind of food but also a useful material for nurturing skin at home. 

Free filmmaking masterclass to feature Jason van Genderen

Social distancing won’t stop filmmakers creating masterpieces as a pocket filmmaking masterclass will open on 9.45am on April 23. The programme promises to change participants’ entire approach to filmmaking.

Film launched to warn against wildlife consumption to prevent disease outbreaks

It is part of the campaign 'Don’t Consume Wildlife to Protect Your Health And Of the Community'.

Most watched children’s programmes on Netflix during COVID-19 outbreak

Schools, parks and recreation centres have been closed due to the COVID-19 crisis, leaving millions of children at a loose end.

Movie buffs watch free online films

French Cultural Institute (L'Espace) is co-operating with Vietnamese movie company BHD to give movie buffs a chance to watch award-winning films free online from April 1 to 30. 

Asian artists showcased at event

More than 80 works by 19 artists from 13 countries and territories in Asia are on display at an exhibition in Hanoi.

Veteran singer’s band makes debut

A band of six members led by veteran singer Hoàng Bách has made debut in HCM City this week.  

Danish films to be shown in Vietnam

Award-winning film Land of Mine will open the Danish Film Festival in Hà Nội and HCM City.

Na Hang: a natural beauty and feast for tourists’ eyes

A boat floats slowly across a mirror-like lake. Sky and water meet to create a feast for tourists’ eyes. Forests stretch out into the distance. Mountains rise majestically into the distance.

Wonderful yellow terrace rice fields

It's obvious why you should visit the northwestern region in September and October, as that's when the terraced rice fields turn beautifully yellow.