Liem wins championship title at Biel Chess International Tournament. (Photo: FIDE)

In the final match of the event, he recorded a draw against Russian chess grandmaster Andrey Esipenko after 42 moves.

The result therefore won Liem 1.5 points to take him top the list with a total of 35.5 points. The second-placed position went to Andrey Esipenko with 32.5 points.

The Vietnamese players currently has Elo ranking of 2722, and is 23rd in the world’s standard chess category.

With this latest championship title, the Vietnamese player added 5.7 points to his Elo ranking. He is also very close to breaking into the global Top 20 list.

Biel Chess International Tournament 2022 took place in Switzerland from July 10 to July 22.

The Grandmaster Triathlon was the centrepiece of the 55th edition of the chess tournament which saw Liem compete against seven other grandmasters from around the world.

Source: VOV