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Localizing construction of high-speed railways contributes to growth

Building a high-speed railway (250km/h) will facilitate the development of the entire railway industry, experts said.

Former Deputy Minister of Transport La Ngoc Khue said that with higher railway speed and more modern technique, the domestic railway industry will need more capability.

With a range of passenger speed of less than 250 km/h and cargo speed of 150 km/h, will domestic enterprises be able to make locomotives and carriages, infrastructure, operation, and trains?

The Gia Lam train factories can assemble diesel locomotives with speed of up to 120-125 km/h. With a speed range near high-speed cargo transport of less than 180 km/h, Vietnam would need to import brake systems and air springs only. 

As for carriages, Vietnam can produce and assemble with a localization ratio of up to 60 percent, Khue said.

For passenger wagons running at a speed of 200 km/h with a brake system that ensures safety and internal equipment (air-conditioning mode, convenient amenities, etc.), Vietnam may have to import larger equipment than cargo trains. 

Nevertheless, for the steel structure of the bogies, crates and wagon platforms, the localization ratio could reach over 40 percent for high-speed passenger trains.

If Vietnam can organize the production, the Gia Lam and Di An train factories will be able to handle the passenger and cargo trains, Khue said.

Former Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Dang Huy Dong said the development of 250 km/h railway will help the domestic railway industry’s development, if the localization ratio is up to 80 percent. Imports will be just locomotives and designs of consultancy experts, as well as other equipment.

“We will have to spend $9-10 billion to import locomotives and wagons, and pay foreign specialists,” Dong said.

Dang Si Manh, CEO of the Vietnam Railways Corporations (VNR), said Gia Lam Railway and Di An Railway JSCs can undertake repair, renovation, assembly and building of locomotives and wagons. In general, railway industry facilities are at a low level because the output of products is low and the demand for replacement and building of new locomotives is small (only dozens of pieces of equipment each year).

To develop high-speed railway and improve the current railway, it is necessary to set up a roadmap and calculate the demand, and set up preferential policies to develop a railway industry as other countries have done 

Railway mechanical engineering products must be considered key products for development, according to VNR.

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AFC praises Park Hang-seo’s “lasting legacy” in Vietnamese football

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Discovering pig slaughtering festival in Vietnam

A traditional pig slaughtering festival got underway in Nem Thuong village of Bac Ninh city, northern Vietnam, on January 27 as part of activities to celebrate the new-year period.

Prague Airport wants to open direct air routes to Vietnam

Prague Airport in the Czech Republic is planning to launch new direct air routes to North America and Asia, including Chicago (US) and Vietnam.

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Intertwined opportunities, challenges for Vietnam’s economy in 2023

With certain headwinds predicted for the global economy in 2023, Vietnam too, faces considerable challenges. But opportunities are also significant if concerted and appropriate solutions are taken, an expert has said.

Tranquil beauty of Hon Chuoi - outpost island in southwestern sea

With steep cliffs and a thick primeval forest, the untouched and mysterious beauty of Hon Chuoi Island remains intact nowadays.

Vietnam among world’s 10 biggest recipients of remittances

Vietnam remains one of the 10 countries receiving the most remittances in the world, according to the recent Migration and Development Brief by the World Bank and the Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD).

Phuoc Thinh departs for Mister Tourism World 2022

Phung Phuoc Thinh, the Vietnamese representative at Mister Tourism World 2022, recently left for the Philippines to compete in the final round of the male pageant.


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With the long-standing bonds of the Kinh, Khmer, and Hoa ethnic groups, Soc Trang boasts a special cultural identity that makes it an outstanding spiritual destination for tourists and Buddhist followers from far and wide.

Smart-homes getting cheaper in Vietnam

In Vietnam, a smart-home installation package costs VND14-25 million.

Vietnamese nationals account largest proportion of Japan’s foreign worker population

Vietnamese nationals account for 25.4% of the total 1.82 million foreign workers who were working in Japan as of the end of October last year, according to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW).

Mekong Delta develops more OCOP products

The Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta’s 12 provinces and the city of Can Tho are developing more products under the country’s “One Commune-One Product” programme.

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