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Long Coc tea hill spread their green to heaven’s rim

We were lucky enough to have a chance to visit Long Coc in the northern mountainous province of Phu Tho, which is considered one of the most beautiful tea plantations in the country.

Each morning, Long Coc is shrouded in mist.

The hill stands tall in Long Coc Commune, Tan Son District, covering 10,000 square metres with hundreds of small hills carpeted in tea like upturned bowls stretching out to the horizon.

This oasis has also earned Long Coc the nickname “Hạ Long Bay in the midland region”.

From Hanoi, we took motorbikes along Highway 32 to Thanh Son Town before winding through the hills to reach Long Coc, about 120km from Hanoi.

We arrived at Phu Tho at 7.30am, and after a two-hour ride, we found ourselves in the immense plantations.

The hill, which is home to several tea farms, is a magnet for low temperatures with a blanket of fog settling the summit. The whole scene looked like a painting.

From the foot of the hill, we set off on a leisurely walk through countless plantations that provided a truly beautiful site. The area is stunning year-round but is best seen at sunrise.

A view of local people at work in the hills. Photo

Because of its beauty, Long Coc has become a popular new destination for many young people and photographers.

Photographers also recommend that early in the morning is the best time to gaze on the hills as the first rays of sunshine light up the scene as the mist lingers.

“Long Coc is most beautiful from August to December as the clouds come down. We often take photographs at sunrise,” photographer Nguyen Viet Cuong said.

Pham Hoang Cuong said he has visited the area six times with his camera, but he was only able to take good photos twice due to the unpredictable weather.

“I am very impressed by the astonishing beauty of this region. Following visits to Long Coc, I have had some stunning photos. I will be returning soon,” said Cuong.

During weekends, many young people stop by at the plantation, and some couples have their pre-wedding photos taken there.

“We heard that there is a beautiful tea hill in Long Coc so we were eager to come here. Besides the natural beauty, my friends and I have captured unique photos. I am sure everyone will like them,” said a visitor from the neighbouring province of Vinh Phuc.

On top of being a selfie hotspot, Long Coc is also a place for relaxation, where people can escape the hustle of city life and enjoy tranquility.

Long Coc tea hill is regarded as one of the nation’s most beautiful tea hills. Photo

After seeing the magnificent view and taking a lot of photos, we left for a restaurant nearby to have lunch with local specialities including free-range Mán pork, stream fish, spring duck and sour pork.

Tea is a major agricultural product for local people. Visiting the land of tea, we also didn’t miss the chance to try the best varieties including Dinh Bat Tien and Shan Bat Tien, and they didn't disappoint.

Following a short break, we continued our journey to Xuan Son National Park which is also situated in Tan Son District.

From Long Coc, we travelled through Minh Dai and Xuan Dai communes.

Cradling hundreds of grottos and caves, streams and waterfalls that drops from more than 50m, the park is also popular thanks to its diversified plant and animal life. VNS

Lam Giang

Exploring beautiful Long Coc tea hills in Phu Tho amid sunrise

Exploring beautiful Long Coc tea hills in Phu Tho amid sunrise

Located in Tan Son district in the northern province of Phu Tho, the Long Coc tea hills are regarded as one of the nation’s most beautiful tea hills.

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