Lotus tea

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Vietnamese people have long maintained the tradition of enjoying flower-scented tea and the pastime has been elevated in the way Hanoians prepare the typical drink.

How Hanoi’s lotus-scented tea is made

Flavoring green tea with lotus scent is a manual process and no chemicals are allowed.

Past and present linked in Hanoi’s tradition of enjoying lotus tea

For many people, tea is not just a drink. Tea drinking has become an elegant hobby enjoyed by many Vietnamese people and Hanoians in particular.

Lotus tea - a special gift from Hanoi

For a long time, villages around the West Lake in Quang Ba, Tay Ho and Nghi Tam in Hanoi have been well known for making lotus tea. It is the scented tea that forms the delicate art of enjoying lotus tea- a special gift of Hanoians.

Lotus tea an age – Vietnam's old tradition

 VietNamNet Bridge – Lotus is one of Hanoi’s most prized specialties, requiring patience and skill from makers to achieve its exquisite taste. With very few people now producing lotus tea using the original methods,

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Students draw inspiration from free calligraphy classes

VietNamNet Bridge – In a classroom filled with the scent of lotus tea, students use brushes to write an ancient script. Some are teenagers; others, like Nguyen Huu Dong, the oldest student in the class, are in their late 70s.