Hồ Công Tuấn, 31 years old. — Photo courtesy of the police

According to the initial investigation by the Police Department, from May 2023 until now, N.V.T.A. (15 years old, resident of Ward 6, Đà Lạt City) attended Tuấn's extra class and was repeatedly subjected to sexual harassment by Tuấn.

Previously, Tuấn had committed sexual abuse against L.N.D.G. (15 years old, residing in Ward 2, Đà Lạt City). Other students, whose initials were given as N.P.H.N and T.N.N.P., were also Tuấn's victims.

According to Đà Lạt City Police, Tuấn has a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and opened a Math tutoring class at his residence on Ngô Quyền Street.

The police investigators are consolidating the files to start legal proceedings against Tuấn for the sexual abuse of children. — VNS