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Vietnam’s garment-textile sector is expected to make breakthroughs in 2020 thanks to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Giant internaitonal brands prefer fashion-conscious HCM City

With the opening of the first Uniqlo store in Vietnam, HCM City has added another fashion giant to its growing list of popular brands.

Local fruit strives to win back domestic market

The total value of Vietnamese fruit market is estimated at $20 to $30 billion. However, this thriving market seems to be neglected by agro firms, while there have been more and more imported fruits showing up in Vietnamese people’s fridges.

Blockchain tech helps Vietnam’s mangoes reach world market

Vietnam’s first eight tons of mangoes have reached the US market with blockchain-based traceability technology.

Fruit-radiation service market remains inaccessible to businesses

To obtain the right to provide radiation of fruits to be exported to the US, Toan Phat Company not only had to ask for permission from Aphis but also get consent from Son Son, the only service provider at this time.vvv

Vietnam exporters hope for good sales in US fruit market

VietNamNet Bridge - Warned of big obstacles in the US market, exporters hope Vietnam’s tropical fruits can win over the lucrative American market.

Vietnam’s fruits cleared for export to US market

VietNamNet Bridge - After 10 years of negotiations, Vietnam’s mango has received a license to enter the US market. However, the door to the market is narrow, with many barriers.

Ministries and provincial chairpersons take on marketing duties

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has several times asked the leaders of the Government, National Assembly and local authorities to help sell Vietnamese farm produce in the world market.

Vietnam’s fruits enter choosy markets

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam fruits have penetrated 60 markets as food safety standards have improved in recent years.

Vietnam has to sell fruits cheaply because of poor processing

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese have to buy some imported fruits at exorbitant prices, but can only export fruit at low prices. 

Massive imports overpower domestically made products

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam spends big money every year to buy foreign goods and services, including those which could be made or offered domestically.