ChatGPT is a natural language processing program developed by OpenAI with the ability to answer most questions from its users. After only two months since its launch, ChatGPT now has 100 million users. 

Along with the quick rise of ChatGPT, many problems regarding the AI program are now being discussed. VietNamNet is introducing several articles about ChatGPT from the perspective of Vietnamese experts.

Noting that the potential of ChatGPT application is huge, Vice President, and General Secretary of Vietnam Internet Association Vu The Binh told VietNamNet that many "game-changing" applications could appear in Vietnam this year.

Vice President, and General Secretary of Vietnam Internet Association Vu The Binh.

ChatGPT has emerged as a global phenomenon. What do you think about this app?

Vu The Binh: This question was raised to ChatGPT and got an answer: “ChatGPT is a powerful language model trained by OpenAI, capable of generating natural answers to questions about many different fields. This is an important step forward in developing technology that helps users find information and answer questions quickly and accurately. However, ChatGPT results may not always be accurate or up-to-date, so it is important to check the information using a variety of sources.”

Personally, I think that ChatGPT is a "game-changing" thing, something that many experts and technology firms have predicted for a long time, but they are still surprised with its ability. Obviously, the potential for ChatGPT and related artificial intelligence (AI) applications is immense.

What do you think about the impacts of ChatGPT and AI applications in Vietnam?

Vu The Binh: To be honest, I have not yet fully imagined its impact. We need more time to experience as well as observe the reaction of global technology companies. Overall, I think this is a start to create breakthrough changes in many fields. Vietnam, although not creating many important core technologies, is a place to apply technology very quickly. Therefore, it is likely that this year we will see many "game-changing" applications in Vietnam.

The common feeling is that ChatGPT, or other AI applications, can replace humans in many types of work, or several stages in a work cycle. This is for sure!

It is difficult to predict the areas facing threat from AI, but many areas may be affected in the future, especially those that need data/information analysis. A wide variety of occupations are listed, including traditional occupations such as journalists, teachers, interpreters, receptionists, data analysts, etc.

However, I believe that technology is born to serve people, so in the end, the goal of technology application is people. And technology, no matter how sophisticated it is, cannot completely replace the role of man, of humanity. Of course, we also need to envision and prepare for the appropriate adaptation.

Will the popularity of ChatGPT in Vietnam make users lazy to think like many people worry?

Vu The Binh: Imagine that today without the search engine, how do we work, entertain and live? I think it will be very difficult! ChatGPT tool will also have a role like Google Search now. We will become more or less dependent on it, so we don't need or don't have to remember many things anymore, and our thinking or methodology will also need to change. For example, instead of memorizing specific information, you need to know how to ask questions and know how to use tools. But I believe that people will adapt to spend their energy and brain on other things that create greater efficiency.

Van Anh