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VN social networking sites shaken by draft amendment

More than 500 local social networking sites will need to secure a permit to continue earning revenue if the draft decree amending Decree 72 is approved.

Landlords should switch to revenue sharing, market researchers suggest

Vietnamese landlords should consider shifting from their traditional fixed-rent model to base rents and revenue sharing like in many other countries to spread the risk, experts have suggested.

Detergent market suddenly gets fierce

 VietNamNet Bridge – The detergent market, which has been “peaceful” over the last three years, has suddenly become boisterous.

Vietnamese businesses spend much money on advertisements

Vietnamese businesses are still poor with limited financial capability. However, they still spend big money on advertisement campaigns.

Schools spend billions of dong to scramble for students

Tens of billions of dong have been spent by schools, tens of groups of consultants have been sent to provinces and cities in an effort to attract more students.


SBV: It’s not time to import gold; Vietnam’s 36 mil. motorbikes by 2020; VNA uses large aircraft for Myanmar; When Air Mekong resumes services unknown; Dong Nai leads in FDI attraction

How much does Vietnam need to promote tourism, 1 trillion or 1 billion dong?

The professionalism, not the big sum of money, will decide the success of tourism promotion programs.

Online ads: the war between “familiarity” against “the colossal”

The competition between Vietnamese and foreign enterprises on the online ad market has been described as the fight of David against Goliath. In order to survive, Vietnamese need to apply their own tactical principle.