VietNamNet Bridge – A 1.8 m long shark weighing 80kg was caught in the net of a fisherman in Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh Province on Sunday.




The pregnant shark. Photo: Ly Kha




On the early morning of Sunday, fisherman Nguyen Van Vui discovered a shark in his cage net which was deployed two nautical miles off the coast of Quy Nhon. However, by the time it was picked up, the pregnant shark had died of exhaustion.

The waters around the rocky headlands on the south coast of Quy Nhon are a known breeding ground for sharks, and the predators have been detected very near to the beaches of Quy Nhon. Several people have been bitten by sharks while swimming.

Since the local authorities set a net around the beaches, no further shark-attack cases have been reported.

At present, Binh Dinh Province is working to relocate vessels and fishing cages from the inshore waters. Experts say that if these cages, with their bait, are moved far from the beaches, sharks will no longer approach the beach.

Thu Lan