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Le Dinh Cong, one of six defendants charged with “murder” over the killing of three police officers in Dong Tam commune in Hanoi’s My Duc district, asked on September 10 that his charge be changed to “resisting on-duty officers”.

Dong Tam case: Defendants had obvious murder motive

The People’s Procuracy of Hanoi on September 9 presented accusations against 29 defendants in the extremely serious case that happened in Dong Tam commune of Hanoi’s My Duc district earlier this year.

Dong Tam case: four defendants admit guilt in resisting on-duty officers

Four defendants charged with resisting on-duty officers in the police murder case in Dong Tam commune of Hanoi’s My Duc district admitted to being guilty during questioning at court on September 8.

Trial begins for policemen murder case in Dong Tam

The Hanoi People’s Court on September 7 opened the first-instance trial for 29 people involved in the murder of three policemen in Dong Tam commune of the city’s My Duc district.