A bird’s eye view of Kon Plong District in the Central Highlands of Kon Tum. – Photo: TNO

The quake was recorded at 8:14 a.m., with a depth of some 8.1 kilometers. It posed no risk of a natural disaster.

Since the beginning of the year to date, the district has been shaken by multiple earthquakes of magnitude ranging between 2.4 and 4.5. Of them, an earthquake rocking the district on the afternoon of April 18 measured 4.5.

These were weak and moderate tremors, thus posing no disaster risk.

Last year, the district had been struck by tens of quakes of magnitude below 4.

Since June last year, the Institute of Geophysics dispatched officials to the area to install one more monitoring station to learn more about and timely issue alert warnings about possible dangerous earthquakes.

According to the head of the institute Nguyen Xuan Anh, quakes have increasingly hit Kon Plong recently and tended to increase in terms of magnitude.

There was no report of casualty or property damage linked to the quakes up to now, but they definitely have affected daily life to a certain extent, he added.

He advised local people and authorities to pay attention to earthquake-resistant factors in construction. Also, the authorities need to regularly provide local people with measures to prevent, avoid, and minimize damages caused by strong quakes.

Upon receiving early quake and tsunami warnings, all of the residents in affected areas must actively move to safe places. The authorities must take all possible measures to evacuate their residents.

Source: SGT