At the national conference on the 13th Party Congress Resolution on March 28, Politburo member and Minister of Public Security To Lam introduced the topic “New perceptions and thinking about national security”.

Đại tướng Tô Lâm: Lần đầu tiên “an ninh con người” thành mục tiêu phát triển

Politburo member and Minister of Public Security To Lam



According to General To Lam, the 13th Party Congress has determined that national security should be understood in a more comprehensive, broader and deeper way, covering global security issues, including non-traditional security, such as: cyber security, terrorism, organized crime, transnational crime, financial and monetary security, energy security, food security, environmental security, epidemics, and even "government security", and "regime security".

For the first time, the 13th Party Congress documents define "human security" and protection of "human security".

This is to concretize the constitutional ideas stated in the 2013 Constitution and become the national development goals and orientations from 2021 to 2025, 2030 (100 years marking of the establishment of the Party) and vision to 2045 (100th anniversary of the country).

“The 13th Party Congress puts the human factor and human security at the center of all activities. Human security protection is both a target to strive for and a driving force to ensure social and political stability and to build and develop an everlasting and prosperous country,” Minister of Public Security To Lam said.

The 13th Party Congress said: "Focusing on security, safety is one of the top factors in people's lives". Therefore, protecting national security is protecting people's lives.

“Human security is a state in which people can live a stable and safe life, not faced by threats of abuse. Human security protection is to ensure and fully enforce human rights and citizens' fundamental rights as stipulated in the 2013 Constitution, to ensure that all people can live a prosperous, free and happy life in an orderly, disciplined, secure, safe and healthy social environment,” General To Lam said.

According to the Minister of Public Security, in terms of performing national security tasks, Vietnam is facing three major challenges that directly threaten the life of the Party and the survival of the regime.

Đại tướng Tô Lâm: Lần đầu tiên “an ninh con người” thành mục tiêu phát triển

Delegates at the conference.


The first is conspiracy, sabotage, rioting, and hostile forces trying to overthrow the government. These have become more malicious and dangerous.

Second, the threat to territorial sovereignty is increasing in the East Sea, associated with challenges in dealing with relations with powers and maintaining the prestige of the Party and the regime before the people.

Third, it is the risk of internal "self-evolving", "self-transforming" associated with the decline of people's trust.

Of the three challenges, General To Lam noted that the risk of internal political insecurity and the reduction of people’s trust, which can weaken the fighting strength of the Party and the regime from the root, is the most dangerous.

He said that in the current context, the "Strategy for national security protection" must be seen as an important part of the "National Development Strategy" in the overall "Strategy to protect the country". The Minister of Public Security pointed out 10 new issues on guidelines and solutions in protecting national security.

In particular, the orientation on national defense and security tasks until 2030 with new points on the goal of national security protection is: "Protecting people, human security" and "building an orderly, disciplined, safe, healthy society”.

The 13th Party Congress identified five viewpoints that the entire Party, the entire people, the entire army must grasp thoroughly in awareness and practical activities, including "ensuring national interests at the highest level".

It is also proactively preventing the threats of war and conflicts; early detection of and promptly handling adverse factors; and stepping up the fight to defeat all conspiracies and sabotage activities of hostile forces.

General To Lam also noted that the 13th Party Congress developed new thinking about the scope of national security protection, which is not only limited within the national administrative border but also expanded to protect national interests and security outside national administrative boundaries.

Thu Hang

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