How to make people have enough knowledge and confidence to use Mobile Money, how to shift from using cash to cashless payment methods, and how to change spending habits to get benefits from the digital economy are the issues that businesses and state agencies have to solve.

Truong Quang Viet, Deputy CEO of Viettel Digital Services Corporation, said to promote Mobile Money service, his firm has set up more than 100 market points, where people can easily buy food and essential things by transferring money or scanning QR code.

For MobiFone, the challenges in deploying Mobile Money lie in customer authentication, risk prevention, monetary security and approach to target customers.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Van Tan, Deputy CEO of VinaPhone, cited two biggest problems for developing Mobile Money, which are the strict requirements on Mobile Money service and the limit of monthly spending (VND10 million)

“To have open conditions, we need to manage risks. The difficulties mentioned by telecom service providers are exactly the responses to the risk management that the State Bank of Vietnam, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Information and Communications propose to the Government when asking for the trial use of Mobile Money,” explained Tran Duy Hai, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Telecommunications Authority.

The outstanding feature of Mobile Money is that accounts can be opened without bank accounts. At Mobile Money transaction points, people can deposit/withdraw money into/from accounts. 

Both the State Bank of Vietnam and the Ministry of Public Security think that the requirements on risk management have been adequate so far. These are the prerequisite factors for telecom service providers to ask for the permission to continue to providing Mobile Money services.

Hai said the Vietnam Telecommunications Authority would organize the meetings with the participation of officials from the State Bank of Vietnam and the Ministry of Public Security to discuss the solutions to help develop Mobile Money.

Over 1.1 million had registered and used Mobile Money services as of the end of March.

Trong Dat