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Modern university libraries serve students’ learning demand

Well-equipped and modern academic libraries to meet students’ demand of learning and relaxing are becoming an ideal destinations of students after class, break time and even weekends.


Students are studying in the library of Ton Duc Thang University


To achieve this, university managers are determined to pour money into libraries to convert them into a quiet but well-equipped place in an academic setting that allows students to keep their mind centered on homework.

Third-year student Dinh Ngoc Thuy of Ton Duc Thang University came to the school’s university on Sunday to meet her study group to learn English together or practice speaking. Thuy said the library is an academically centered environment and will keep her brain focused on her studies.

Hundreds of students crowd into the library of the Ho Chi Minh City Industry University even weekends. Students surf internet to find learning materials, borrow books and photocopy documents.

The state-of-the-art library of the Vietnam National University HCMC not only serves students of the school but students from other nearby schools in districts 9 and Thu Duc.

To satisfy increasing demand of students, the Vietnam National University has opened additional library in students’ dorm to serve 10,000 students.

The two libraries with all good equipment and books to keep pace with students’ demand for learning and making research; accordingly, they are crowded with students seven days of a week.

Student Tran Hai Luan who were borrowing books said that students find it convenient to go library in the dorm.

Ton Duc Thang University’s Inspire Library is the most modern facility in the country. The library is designed like 500-top libraries in the world and connected with 9,000 biggest libraries in the globe.

Located in the area of 8,678 square meter, the VND129 billion (US$ 5.5 million) facility comprises of seven floors.

President Le Vinh Danh said that a library is a heart of the university where inspires students to learning and researching passion as well as exploit students’ potential.

According to the Ministry of Education and Training’s latest assessment, many academic libraries such as libraries of Ton Duc Thang University, of the Vietnam National University in Hanoi and in Ho Chi Minh City, of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, and of Nguyen Tat Thanh University have been invested in terms of quantity and quality to achieve international standards.

In its assessment result of 23 self-financing schools in 2015-2017, the Ministry said that most of them take heed of investment in libraries. Of 23 schools, 160 libraries have been built in the area of over 100,000 square meter.

Not only public schools but privately-run schools also pour a lot of money into library construction to serve learners.

For instance, the VND50 billion library of Nguyen Tat Thanh University was built on the area of 16,000 square meter to serve over 1,700 students while Technology University also invested tens of billion of Vietnam dong in the library construction. SGGP

Dan Thuy

Library for kids inaugurated at Hanoi’s children palace

Library for kids inaugurated at Hanoi’s children palace

A library for kids, located at the Hanoi Children’s Palace, has been inaugurated on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Private library spreads love for reading

Private library spreads love for reading

There are many youngsters who have joined hands to spread a love for reading with some creative ideas. D Free Book library is an example.


Loc dominates in Lion Championship MMA 70kg title defence with first-round TKO

The first-round technical knockout (TKO) was a clinic in timing, speed and power that sent a statement of intent to the entire 70kg division on the opening night of this year’s Lion Championship.

Vietnamese athletes take world youth medals

Vietnam secured one silver and two bronze medals in the last day of the IWF World Youth Championships on April 1 in Durres, Albania.


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Shrimp industry optimises advantages for development

HCMC warns of overlapping diseases

The HCMC government has urged local medical facilities to take action in response to the spread of dengue fever and the Marburg virus.

Travelers pose with ‘buffalo photo model’ in Ninh Binh

Every day, Toan and his wife in Ninh Binh can earn VND200,000-300,000 from providing buffalo rides to travelers and taking photos of travelers posing with the buffalo.

Vietnam plans to have 1.5 million businesses in 2025

The Government wants the private sector to be a main driver in the country’s development, with a target of establishing 1.5 million businesses by 2025.

Travel firms look forward to ‘revolution’ in immigration procedures

After much anticipation, the government has agreed on expanding the list of countries subject to visa waiver and extending the duration of stay for international tourists.

American man likes broiled field mice dish from Dong Thap

Brandon Hurley one day drove a motorbike from HCM City to Cao Lanh in Dong Thap to taste grilled field mice, a well-known field mouse in the Mekong Delta.

Is mathematics unnecessarily difficult for students?

Many questions related to math studies were raised during Admission Counseling Day. Will knowledge about integrals, derivatives, trigonometric equations and logarithms be useful in people’s future lives and work?

Imported cars flood local market despite of poor purchasing power

Vietnamese firms spent over 903 million USD in the first quarter importing 41,780 completely-built-up (CBU) cars, according to a report by the General Statistics Office (GSO).

Many game studios pay tax in foreign countries where they set up headquarters

There are about 200 Vietnamese-owned game studios, but most of them are headquartered in Singapore and pay tax there.

Automotive giant to lead the push for electric taxis in Vietnam

The participation of giants is leading the push for electric taxis in Vietnam which would reshape the taxi landscape towards more green transportation but the fares remain a decisive factor.

Vietnam’s offshore wind realm remains in a muddle

The strategy for renewable energy development being in limbo is holding back offshore wind power prospects in Vietnam.

Most storied banh mi brands in Vietnam honoured

The nation’s leading 10 longstanding and famous bread brands were honoured at a ceremony held as part of the first-ever Vietnamese “banh mi” (baguette) festival which opened on March 31 in Ho Chi Minh City.