Mong ethnic group

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The Mong ethnic group, in Lao Cai Province’s Muong Khuong District, is proud of their traditional rice cake, locally known as banh khoai. 

Preservation of the Mong’s rattan weaving craft

Mong people make up 90% of the inhabitants in Lao Chai Commune of the northern mountainous province of Yen Bai. Their lives depend largely on agriculture and forestry.

A view into the unique Pa Co brocade market of Son La

Located on the way to Moc Chau district, the Pa Co brocade market in the northern mountainous province of Son La provides tourists with a special experience, with the site only open on Sundays.

Ethnic village turns into civilised community

An ethnic-minority village in Lam Dong has become well-known for its title “village with 3-nos” (no drinking, no smoking and no social evils) thanks to a concerted communal effort that commenced over a dozen years ago.

Mong ethnic people celebrate New Year

The annual traditional holiday of the Mong ethnic minority group, known as Nao Pe Chau, takes place at the end of the 11th lunar month. The event is held to celebrate the end of the harvest and spend time relaxing together.

Festival honours panpipe of Mong ethnic people

A festival honouring the cultural value of Khen (panpipe) of the Mong ethnic minority people will be held in Dong Van town from April 27-28.


Mong man strikes gold with essential oils

 VietNamNet Bridge – Sheltering under a canopy of wild trees in Sa Pa Town, in the northern province of Lao Cai, Ma A Nu holds a hook knife, used to collect herbs which are the source of various kinds of essential oils.

The Mong ethnic group’s martial arts

Bac Viet Martial Arts School was established based on the traditional martial arts of the ethnic groups, particularly the Mong ethnic people in the Northwestern region.