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More foreign fashion brands come to Vietnam

Following Zara and H&M, Uniqlo has arrived in Hanoi following its earlier opening in HCM City.

The Vietnamese fashion retail market is attractive to foreign companies as Bangkok and Singapore are getting saturated. Vietnam has a high percentage of young consumers who spend a lot of money and favor foreign brands.



Vietnam is among the top 10 economies with the highest growth rates of ultra-healthy people in 2012-2017, about 12.7 percent per annum, according to Wealth-X. The figure is just lower than Bangladesh (17.3 percent) and China (13.4 percent).

According to Statista, Vietnam’s clothing market had value of $5.6 billion in 2019 and expected annual growth rate of 8.8 percent in 2019-2023.

BUT 97 percent of revenue is from non-luxury goods.

Coming to Vietnam early, Zara (2016) and H&M (2017) are the two best known names in the Vietnamese fast fashion market. H&M has outstripped Zara in the expansion speed with eight shops in key cities of Vietnam, while the Zara brand from Spain is running two shops in Hanoi and HCM City.

In December 2019, the Japanese brand Uniqlo opened its first shop in HCM City. Cotton:On, the Australian fashion brand, with 1,400 shops in 19 countries, has also joined the Vietnamese market. Meanwhile, GAP, Topshop and Mango have been expanding their network.

In December 2019, the Japanese brand Uniqlo opened its first shop in HCM City. Cotton:On, the Australian fashion brand, with 1,400 shops in 19 countries, has also joined the Vietnamese market. Meanwhile, GAP, Topshop and Mango have been expanding their network.

Most the brands open in the Hanoi market after gaining success in HCM City. Following H&M and Zara, Uniqlo has officially inaugurated its shop covering an area of 2,500 square meters.

Foreign brands have reaped big success in Vietnam after they arrived. H&M’s turnover in 2018 was $28 million, or VND664 billion. The 2018 finance report of Mitra Adiperkasa (MAP), the company which owns the Zara brand, also showed that the company’s revenue increased by 1.7 times compared with 2017.

Uniqlo Vietnam’s CEO Osamu Ikezoe said the company plans to expand its network in Hanoi and HCM City rapidly.

He said Uniqlo’s production activities are mostly carried out in China, but the company is trying strengthen production in Vietnam, Indonesia and India.

While foreign brands have been expanding, Vietnamese brands have begun shrinking. Ninomaxx, N&M, Blue Exchange, PT 2000, Việt Thy, Ha Gattini and Sẽnorita have seen their numbers of shops decreasing rapidly and have had to change their business model.

Only a few Vietnamese brands still exist in the market, such as Viet Tien, Nha Be, An Phuoc and Garment Co No 10. However, the companies mostly provide products for office workers.

Foci, which once developed strongly with 60 shops, disappeared after 10 years of existence.

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UNIQLO opens second flagship store in Vietnam

UNIQLO opens second flagship store in Vietnam

Japanese brand UNIQLO officially launched its second flagship store in the nation on March 6, with the new site covering an approximate area of 2,500m2 at Vincom Pham Ngoc Thach street in Dong Da district, Hanoi.

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, mask fashion takes off

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, mask fashion takes off

Wearing a mask is now no longer an option, it's a must when outdoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic and with a new must-have accessory, comes new fashion.


Revelations of an e-cigarette seller

After exchanging text messages via social media, VietNamNet’s reporter, who acted as an e-cigarette buyer, decided to meet the seller and discovered many things that made him shiver.

Vietnam’s fruits enter choosy markets

In the domestic market, a red-flesh pomelo is priced at VND23,000-45,000/kg. In the US, it is VND535,000 per kilogram.

Vietnam imports nearly US$190 million of pork in Jan-Oct

Vietnam had imported 89,000 tons of pork products worth US$189.02 million in the year to October, contracting over 34% in volume and nearly 40% in value year-on-year, according to the Foreign Trade Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Over VND9.6 trillion proposed for upgrading HCMC’s polluted canal

The HCMC People’s Committee has proposed investing over VND9.6 trillion in the Xuyen Tam Canal upgrade project at a meeting this morning, December 7, according to the local media.

Agencies write laws to help SMEs but lack information about the businesses

Some content needs to be more clearly quantified to better assess the effectiveness of these activities and the feasibility of regulations on SMEs.

‘Glorious ashes’ film spark little hope for Vietnam’s cinema

‘Glorious ashes’ hit the screen when the audience became too discouraged about the  appearance of local movies with low revenue.

Foreign investors arrive, industrial real estate benefits

Industrial Zone (IZ) developers are pocketing big money as Vietnam is welcoming new foreign investors.

American EDM band wants to 'bring Vietnamese music to the world'

Hotel Lobby - the famous EDM band in the US - has selected Vietnam as a destination in the near future.

Localizing construction of high-speed railways contributes to growth

Building a high-speed railway (250km/h) will facilitate the development of the entire railway industry, experts said.

A majestic pagoda in Tra Vinh Province

Phno Don is one of the biggest and most majestic of the 143 pagodas in Tra Vinh Province. It is a splendid example of Khmer architecture.

Vietnamese ICT enterprises more deeply involved in global value chain

Over 10 years ago, Vietnamese software companies performed only a few stages under orders from foreign partners but the work has now expanded.

China proposes re-signing protocol for seven kinds of Vietnamese fruit

China has proposed signing protocol for seven types of local fruit exported to the northern neighbour via official channels for stricter management, as is currently applied to durian and star apples.

10-year-old translator brings scientific knowledge closer to young readers

Children’s history book series, Unstoppable Us, by best-selling author Yuval Noah Harari, has been translated from English into Vietnamese by a 10-year-old translator and published by Omega Plus.

Floods kill five in central region

Heavy downpours and floods in the central region in the past few days claimed the lives of five people as of 5pm on December 6.