A scene from "A Tourist's Guide to Love".

It is the first foreign film shot in Vietnam after the Covid-19 pandemic. Released on April 21, it was the most watched English-language film on Netflix with 20.92 million hours watched on the week from April 24-30.

The movie also reached the Top 10 in 89 countries and ranked first in Vietnam, Canada, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Finland and South Africa.

Nation TV (Thailand) highlighted five major Vietnamese cities featured in the film, while Antara News (Indonesia) praised the Hanoi Opera House. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter (USA), actor Ben Feldman shared his favorite tourist destinations in Hanoi during his time in Vietnam to film the movie.

A scene in the movie.

The Hollywood Reporter on April 29 posted an article: "Where to Travel in Vietnam After Watching 'A Tourist's Guide to Love' ". 

In addition, the songs in the movie are on Spotify. "A Tourist's Guide to Love" Netflix Soundtrack refers to Vietnamese artists whose familiar songs have appeared such as: “Em Chao Tet” and “Di Du Dua Di” performed by Bich Phuong, Pixel Neko of GPS, My Anh, LostOwl, Nam Ngo and Suboi's “Cho Khong”.

Released on 21 April globally and exclusively on Netflix, A Tourist’s Guide To Love follows a travel executive (Rachael Leigh Cook) who after an unexpected break-up, accepts an assignment to go undercover and learn about the tourist industry in Vietnam. Along the way, she finds adventure and romance with her Vietnamese expat tour guide (Scott Ly) when they decide to reroute the tour bus in order to explore life and love off the beaten path.

Helmed by director Steven Tsuchida, the film takes the very best of Vietnam, and in producer and star Rachael Leigh Cook’s words, “presents a compelling love letter to Vietnam in all its glory, with heart and humour.”

A Tourist's Guide to Love is filmed in five iconic destinations in Vietnam, showcasing the country’s beautiful locales to global audiences, who will be treated to the charming spectacles of vibrant life in HCM City, the natural scenery of Da Nang, the laid-back ancient ambience of Hoi An, majestic landscapes in Ha Giang, and the unique beauty of Hanoi, where past meets present. 

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