VietNamNet Bridge – National Assembly (NA) deputies have strongly opposed China’s escalating actions in the East Sea, considering this a flagrant violation of international law.


NA deputy Do Van Duong from HCM City




In the second working day of the ongoing 7th session of the 13th National Assembly, deputies discussed the East Sea situation regarding China’s illegal placement of its Haiyang Shiyou-981 oil rig inside Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and continental shelf and Vietnam’s guidelines and policies to deal with the situation.

On the sidelines of the session, deputy Do Van Duong from HCM City has shared his view as well as that from other deputies with the media on the East Sea tensions.

He said that China’s escalating actions are extremely dangerous. The story is not just the rig but also a long-term problem of encroachment in its scheme to legalise its “nine-dash line” map.

This not only seriously violated Vietnam's sea sovereignty, but also affected trade and maritime freedom, threatening regional and international security, in particular for Vietnam’s economic security.

Can you please tell about the NA’s view on this issue?

Our policy is to use all means to ask China to withdraw its oil rig and stop encroaching. We must stay active and vigilant in copying with all situations so as to avoid getting fooled by China’s conspiracy of territorial expansionism.

Has the NA issued an official statement on this issue?

Not yet but deputies are very indignant at China’s dangerous escalation in the East Sea, suggesting that a resolution on this issue should be issued to show responsibility and patriotism of the people and prevent bad elements’ incitement to undermine the national economy.

It is said that the legislative body should issue a resolution on the East Sea issue. Is it necessary in your opinion?

Issuing a resolution or a declaration is just a form of expression. The NA’s goodwill must be expressed by specific actions with what they will do in the future.

For example, the proposal to include the Demonstration Law in the NA’s law and ordinance making programme is also seen as a specific action to express their patriotism and love towards the country.

What is your comment on workers’ action in Binh Duong and Vung Ang economic zones in central Ha Tinh province in the last few days?

I think this is an action of justice indicating the Vietnamese people’s love for peace and they deal with the issue in a cultural manner. However, it is essential to find out instigators of the case of smashing plants to duly punish them.

The Vietnamese people only express their patriotism, not intentionally causing damage.

In the current situation, how should we struggle the defend justice?

In my opinion, we still have to maintain uniform measures and closely follow response from the country and the international community. We must also prevent China from putting its drilling rig elsewhere. This dispute must be resolved according to international law. If China keep encroaching, we should bring the case to International Tribunal to make it clear to whom sea sovereignty and jurisdiction belong to and how to resolve the case.

I believe that the issue will be resolved properly because it is not just for Vietnam but it is a matter of international trade, maritime and aviation freedom.

How does Vietnam need to deal with the issue?

We realize that China’s plot is difficult to change. Therefore, we should devise a feasible strategy to prevent armed conflicts which will affect many other things. Most importantly, we must predict adverse developments in the East Sea affecting economic security to take appropriate steps. It is important to ensure sovereignty while maintaining national development.

Thank you very much.