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The Politburo has appointed Mr. Bui Van Nghiem and Mr. Pham Gia Tuc as the Party Secretaries of Vinh Long and Nam Dinh provinces.

Revamped bicycles change lives of disadvantaged students

A man from the northern province of Ninh Binh has spent the last 10 years collecting old bicycles, repairing them and giving them to those less fortunate.

Nam Dinh a top destination for a weekend getaway

Leaving the hustle and bustle of city life behind, I spent my weekend travelling to the northern province of Nam Dinh where I found serenity.

Famous traditional market to be suspended due to Covid-19 pandemic

The authorities of Nam Dinh Province has decided to suspend the Vieng Market where people often go to wish for luck in order to prevent Covid-19 pandemic.

Quality breeds aiding rural families

Frequently hit by natural disasters, many households in the northern province of Nam Dinh have been able to have better livelihoods thanks to rearing groupers – a type of fishery product with high economic effectiveness – 

Nam Dinh preserves traditional water puppetry

In recent years, the preservation and development of water puppetry has been paid attention by many localities, including the northern province of Nam Dinh.

A visit to Vietnam’s richest commune

Hai Minh in Hai Hau district in the northern province of Nam Dinh is a rural commune, but also  home to villas and mansions worth hundreds of thousands of USD. It is known as one of the richest rural communes in Vietnam.

Veteran creates jobs for rural workers

Over the years, many veterans from Nam Dinh Province have worked together to improve their economic standing and have created stable jobs for many rural workers.

A special tutor for disadvantaged children

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tam may not have finished high school, but that doesn't stop her teaching children in Yen Quang Commune, Y Yen District, Nam Dinh Province.

Disabled man earns good income from raising pigeons

With the right amount of effort and determination, anything is possible. That is exactly the mindset of the disabled owner of a pigeon farm in Nam Dinh Province.

Three captive bears in Nam Dinh rescued and taken to Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre

Three captive bears that were kept on a farm in the northern province of Nam Dinh were taken to the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre in Tam Dao National Park, Vinh Phuc Province on Tuesday.

Family willing to go into quarantine to keep their community safe

Nguyen Van Cong (not his real name) is happy that his family is under quarantine in Vinh Phuc Province.

Ruined church in Nam Dinh province attracts photographers

A desolate church in Van Ly commune, Hai Hau district, in Nam Dinh province still attracts many tourists and photographers as it is a beautiful spot where the sky, sea, sun, wind and sand converge.

Nurturing peacocks at home bringing high income to a family in Nam Dinh

For five years, Tran Thi Nhai and her family members in Giao Thinh Commune, Giao Thuy District (northern Nam Dinh Province) has raised and trained peacocks know how to dance beautifully.

Y Yen bronze casting village keeps furnaces burning

Tong Xa bronze casting village in Yen Xa commune, Nam Dinh province, is a center of the traditional bronze casting craft. For nearly 900 years, bronze casting has been preserved and developed by the village.

Bronze casting village strikes the right note

The ancient Catholic village of Kien Lao in Nam Dinh Province is well known for its bronze casting.

Nowadays, it also produces machinery for construction projects across the country.

The craft of casting bronze in Yen Xa commune

Vietnam is the home of the traditional hand-crafted bronze drum, aged 4000 years.

A young man on a macabre mission he’ll never abort

As he opened his 52nd black plastic bag of the night, Nguyen Trong Dao knew what he would find inside. But he was shocked, nevertheless.

Traffic accidents kill two in Thanh Hoa, Nam Dinh provinces

One person died and eight others were injured on Tuesday morning when a coach crashed off a bridge and into a river in Truong Lam Commune, Tinh Gia District in the central province of Thanh Hoa.

Train derails in Nam Dinh, paralyses North-South route

Traffic on the North-South railway route has been at a standstill since Monday morning when a freight train derailed on a stretch in the northern province of Nam Dinh.