Update news nanocovax

Vietnam has ordered 30 million doses of vaccine from the UK, with first doses are expected to arrive in the country in the first quarter this year to serve widespread vaccination.

Volunteers receive second shots of Nanocovax vaccine

Twenty volunteers received the second shots of Nanocovax - a Vietnam-developed COVID-19 vaccine at the Military Medical University on January 20.

Volunteers get 2nd shot of 25mcg dose of Nanocovax

Three volunteers getting the first shot of the 25mcg dose of Nanocovax, the first Vietnamese COVID-19 vaccine to be tested on humans, last December received the second on January 14.

First persons receive injections of COVID-19 vaccine in Vietnam

The first human trial of COVID-19 vaccine Nanocovax began in Vietnam on December 17 with the first three volunteers, one man and two women aged 20-25, receiving injections at the Military Medical Academy.