with the image receiving 51,000 reactions and thousands of comments from friends worldwide.


The photo was captured by photographer Samsara Tran with the caption, “In Ho Chi Minh City, an old nine-story apartment building called the Café Apartment has been turned into a home for coffee shops, restaurants, and coworking spaces.”

"It's very funny," adds Your Shot photographer Samsara Tran, "You could easily spend a whole day exploring these apartments."

Since being uploaded to the page, the photo has gone on to receive a vast array of reactions and comments from users globally.

Notable comments include posts by Mitzi Delatina from the Philippines who says, “Café apartment at night. The city view from there was amazing.”

Another came from a user named Charl Ced Rush who wrote, “I shall return soon.”

This image was published as part of Your Shot, National Geographic’s photography community which attracts submissions from amateur and professional photographers from around the world. Through each image, photographers are able to share their visual stories. VOV