Nature reserve’s seven ha of forested habitat for endangered species restored hinh anh 1

As many as 4,500 trees have been planted in Xuan Lien Nature Reserve in Thanh Hoa province to restore seven hectares of forest (Photo courtesy of Gaia Nature Conservation)



The aim is to restore seven hectares of damaged forest and to create a safe and healthy habitat for endangered species such as the gaur, grey langur, northern white-cheeked gibbon, and Roosevelt's muntjac.

Fifteen species of trees have been planted in the seven ha of forest, including trees to be used for timber and muti-purpose perennial trees such as lim xanh (Erythrophleum fordii), lat hoa (Chittagong Wood), giang huong (Pterocarpus macrocarpus), and gioi (Michelia mediocris).

Each hectare of plantation forest can absorb 95-123.2 tonnes of CO2 per year, contributing to climate-change mitigation.

The afforestation activities in the Xuan Lien Nature Reserve also improve the ecological functions of the forest, and enhance the recreational, educational and scientific value of the forest.

The afforestation area of the Xuan Lien Nature Reserve was formerly used as residential and agricultural land by local people.

In 2013, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations chose March 21 as "World Planting Day" to call for local and national efforts to plant trees and raise awareness about forest conservation and sustainable development./. VNA