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VietNamNet Bridge - International institutions have predicted high GDP growth rates for Vietnam in 2019, but do not expect them to be more than 7 percent.

Will foreign investors relocate to Vietnam during the US-China trade war?

VietNamNet Bridge - Multinationals will have to think carefully about whether to relocate to Vietnam to avoid any negative impact from the US-China trade war, experts say.

Vietnam to bear long-term impact from US-China trade war: report

Economists have expressed concern about the impact on Vietnam’s economy if the second US tariff package of $200 billion is ratified after September 6, saying that Vietnam’s GDP may decrease by 0.03 percent because of the trade war.

How will Vietnam cope with the crisis caused by China-US trade war?

As GDP relies on exports, in order to avoid the abrasive effects of the China-US trade war, it needs to improve competitiveness and find new markets.

Vietnam economy in H2 relies on three major sectors

 VietNamNet Bridge - The economic performance in the last months of the year is expected to be healthy thanks to improvement in three major sectors – agriculture, industry & construction, and services. 

Some business fields to face big challenges in 2017

The severe weather conditions in the first months of 2016 with drought and saline intrusion dealt a strong blow on Vietnam’s agriculture, leading to minus growth rate of the sector in the first half of the year.