Kon Plông District, Central Highlands province of Kon Tum where 90 earthquakes were reported in July. — VNA/VNS Photo

Nearly 100 earthquakes have been reported in July across Việt Nam, according to the Institute of Geophysics.

Data from the institute’s Earthquake Alert and Tsunami Warning Center showed 93 earthquakes in July measuring from 2.5 to 4.2 on the Richter scale.

About 90 of them occurred in Kon Plông District, Central Highlands province of Kon Tum. Others were reported in Quỳnh Nhai District, northern Sơn La Province; Nam Trà My District, central Quảng Nam Province; and Ba Tơ District, south-central Quảng Ngãi Province.

The earthquakes were assessed to be small scale and not causing any risks of natural disasters, but people should not be negligent.

In Kon Plông District alone, earthquakes have occurred with higher intensity and frequency since early this year, compared to previous years.

Since January, the district recorded more than 200 small-scale earthquakes with magnitude of 2.5 to 4.2 on the Richter scale, reportedly caused by operation of hydropower plants.

A record of 14 earthquakes happened on July 7 in the district with the biggest one measuring 4.2 on the Richter scale.

Although no damage has been seen in the area so far, the seismic vibrations caused by the earthquakes have impacted local lives.

Nguyễn Xuân Anh, director of the Institute of Geophysics, said since June 2021, the institute has sent staff to Kon Plông District to set up more earthquake monitoring stations to timely issue warning over dangerous geological phenomena.

The installation of three new earthquake warning and monitoring stations were completed in September 2022 at Thượng Kon Tum Hydropower Plant, bringing the total number of operating monitoring stations in the area to six.

Xuân Anh recommended authorities at all levels strengthen communication and equip local people with earthquake prevention and control measures.

Upon receiving news of earthquake or tsunami warning, all residents in the affected area must be evacuated to safe areas, he said. — VNS