Experts said that mental disorders are a very common problem among non-communicable diseases. This disease is on the rise and is the cause of many other health problems.

The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered a global mental health crisis, exacerbating short- and long-term stress, and destroying the mental health of millions of people.

In Vietnam, a study conducted a few years ago showed that nearly 15% of people suffer from 10 common mental disorders, equivalent to nearly 15 million people.

Notably, the majority of people think that psychosis is only schizophrenia. In fact, the rate of schizophrenia accounts for nearly 0.5% of the population; Depression and anxiety account for a high percentage (up to 5.4% of the population), the rest are other mental disorders such as epilepsy (0.33%), mental retardation (0.63%), senile dementia (0.88%), behavioral disorders in adolescents (0.9%), abuse of alcohol (5.3%,) abuse of drugs (0.3%).

According to experts, anyone can suffer from mental disorder, at least at some stage or point in their life.

Dr. Luong Ngoc Khue - Director of the Department of Medical Examination and Treatment Administration (Ministry of Health) - said that in Vietnam, mainly psychiatric wards of in central and provincial hospitals provide mental health care services. There are 43 mental hospitals or psychiatric wards in the country.

The main treatment method is medication. Psychotherapy and non-pharmacological measures have not been fully developed.

According to Dr. Khue, there is a great need to develop a mental health care system, especially integrating mental health care into general and specialized health facilities. The health sector is also focusing on psychotherapy and other non-drug solutions.

Vo Thu