Nearly 21 million workers in ASEAN-6 to lose jobs due to pandemic hinh anh 1

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The ASEAN-6 region - Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore - could see as many as 20.7 million jobs axed, led by Indonesia at 9.4 million, they said.

They warned that a crash in the labour market “will also threaten the economic recovery expected once the pandemic fades”.

Retrenchments could number in the millions in Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand, based on the share of workers in small businesses and informal employment.

“Indonesia and Thailand are at risk of a historically large downturn, while significant labour pain is expected for the rest,” wrote the analysts, citing factors such as the expected recession size, employment profile, and fiscal policy response of each country.

Given the nature of the shock, workers in particular sectors are more at risk of losing their jobs than others, they said. Services activities such as accommodation and food, wholesale and retail trade, and real estate and business services are likely to be particularly hard hit.

While some countries have allowed manufacturing activities to continue, the sector will feel the brunt of the drop in global demand.

Only Singapore and Malaysia offer direct relief for labour costs through wage subsidies, while other countries lean on cash transfers and tax incentives, they remarked.

“Given that risks are still skewed to the downside, we continue to believe that more, and better-targeted, help is needed,” they suggested./.VNA