Thenational COVID-19 vaccination management platform helps save time and ensure information accuracy for vaccinated people. — Photo courtesy of Viettel

The national COVID-19 vaccination management platform is prepared to manage the data related to up to 5 million doses a day to serve the enhanced and expanded vaccination requirements of the Ministry of Health (MoH).

Viettel has prepared options for technology and infrastructure improvements to ensure the platform works well even if demand increases greater than expected.

Viettel was assigned to implement the national COVID-19 vaccination management platform including four E-health apps, the COVID-19 vaccination portal (, the national immunisation support system, and the medical command centre (MCC).

Currently, the app is being used in 62 out of 63 provinces and cities across the country.

It takes about five seconds for people to clarify information on the platform by using a QR code. After updating their data, people can search for their vaccination information on the E-health app or the COVID-19 vaccination portal. Those who have received one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will have a yellow certificate, and those who have received two doses will have a blue certificate.

Khổng Văn Đông, director of the Digital Health Solutions Centre of Viettel Solutions said: “Digitisation in vaccination management activities is necessary to support injection points to ensure 5K regulations and comply with the vaccination guidelines issued by the MoH. In addition, the vaccination platform helps people actively and conveniently participate in vaccination in the context of Directive 16 on social distancing measures that are being implemented in many provinces and cities.”

Allowing pre-registration through the phone application helps limit interactions between the person who administers the vaccine and the person in charge of confirming a recipients information. The fact that people directly enter their information also helps reduce errors and ensure information accuracy. 

Source: VNS