This donation was sent to the Fatherland Front of Thanh Xuan District’s Khuong Dinh Commune by late Friday. 

According to the head of the Khuong Dinh Fatherland Front Tran Phuong Linh, besides the money, the agency had also received 500 cartons of milk and water of different kinds, 200 cartons of instant noodles and other necessities.

Under the district’s instructions, Khuong Dinh Ward set up official channels to get donations for the fire victims. Bank accounts for donations have been made public through mass media.

The locality has listed a total of 142 residents of the apartment building located on Khuong Ha Street.

For people who died, local authorities have contacted their relatives to transfer the donated money. For those who are injured, the ward has sent teams to deliver the financial support in person at the hospitals where the people are staying.

Initially, each victim received a donation of VND40 million.

Source: Dtinews