New policies effective from May 2022 ảnh 1 
Additional cases of free use of radiofrequency
The Circular 11/2022/TT-BTC which is valid from May 1, 2022, stated the additional case of free use of radiofrequency.
They are satellite terminals for the purpose of monitoring fishing vessels, and radio equipment operating on the bands planned for fishing vessels onboard ships. Also, the licensed backup transmitter with the same transmitting frequency, the same antenna position, and ERP transmitter power can freely use radiofrequency.
Wood processing and exporting enterprises are registered for classification in two forms
The Circular 21/2021/TT-BNNPTNT which takes effect from May 1, 2022, said that wood processing and exporting enterprises are registered for classification in two forms including online form and direct form.
Regarding online form, enterprises can access the Enterprise Classification Information System on the website to register while when it comes to direct form, businesses should send files through the public postal service to responsible agencies which will reply whether receive enterprises' profiles and then up the information in enterprises’ file in the Enterprise Classification Information System.
Later, responsible agencies ought to notify enterprises of the results of receipt of registration for classification of enterprises according to; store registration documents in accordance with the law.
Limitation of the duration of vocational training schools and colleges to 4.5 year
According to the Circular 04/2022/TT-BLDTBXH which is effective from May 15, 2022, the maximum time for learners to complete the training program at the intermediate or college level will be decided by the principal, but do not exceed 1.5 times the training time for students enrolled in 2 and 3-year programs while the time length does not exceed 2 times the training time for the 1 to under 2-years programs.
Thus, the maximum duration of intermediate and college education is only 4.5 years for 3-year training programs.
Demobilized soldiers are eligible for a monthly allowance of VND 2.4 million
As per the Circular 22/2022/TT-BQP which is effective from May 16, 2022, soldiers and cipher workers who receive the same salary as enlisted, demobilized or retired soldiers who are receiving monthly allowances will be adjusted to increase by 7.4 percent of the monthly allowance in December 2021.
Those with working time from full 15 years to less than 16 years will be granted VND2,031,000 a month while those with 16 years to under 17 years in military force will receive VND2,123,000 a month.
Moreover, those with 17 years up to under 18 years are entitled to be given VND2,217,000 a month and those with 18 years to less than 19 years and those with 19 years to less than 20 years will receive VND2,309,000 and VND2,400,000 a month respectively.
Increase student loans up To VND4 Million a month
The government issued the Decision 05/2022/QD-TTg which is valid from May 19, 2022 on an increase in student loans.
Students at universities and colleges, professional secondary schools, and at vocational training institutions, orphans of both parents, or orphans of only one parent but the other being unable to work are eligible for loans.
Additionally, students who are members of households belonging to poor or near-poor households or households with average living standards, students whose families have financial difficulties due to accidents, illnesses, and students whose families face financial difficulties due to accidents, illnesses, natural disasters, fires or epidemics during their study period, certified by people's committees are also eligible for the loan.
Registered motorcycles at the community public, cars registered at the district security
The Circular 15/2022/TT-BCA which is effective from May 21, 2022, stipulated that competent agencies will issue license plates o Vietnamese organizations and individuals as follows.
Commune-level police will issue registration and issuance of license plates for motorbikes while district police will issue registration and issuance of license plates for cars.

Source: SGGP