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A string of fresh policies on higher retirement age of female workers, intellectual property rights, and insurance business will come into effect from January, 2023.

Policies take effect in December 2022

Below are among new policies on import and export nomenclature, electricity generation price bracket, and licenses to manufacture tobacco products taking effect from December.

Fresh policies come into effect from November 2022

A string of new policies will take effect from November, dealing with commercial road activities, registration and management of operations of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Viet Nam

Outstanding policies take effect in October 2022

A string of new policies on higher vehicle registration fee, termination of compulsory unemployment insurance premium, electronic identification and authentication and cybersecurity come into effect in October 2022.

Outstanding policies take effect from September

A series of policies on COVID-19 support to employees from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), punishment of illegally recording audio and video at court sessions,

Fresh policies come into effect in July

A series of new policies will take effect from next month including regional minimum wage increase, issuance of passports with electronic chips, tuition fees for lecturers sent abroad for doctoral training and compusolry e-invoince enforcement.

New policies take effect in Vietnam from June 2022

A series of new policies on chip-based ID cards, online ordinary passport issuance, state budget-sourced supporting interest rate for loans borrowed by businesses will come into effect from July 2022.

Fresh policies come into effect from May 2022

A string of new policies are going to take effect from May including higher credit for students, fees for granting the right to use radio frequencies,

Policies take effect in April

New policies on environmental tax, application of e-invoice, and customs fees and charges will come into effect in this April.

Fresh policies to take effect from March

A series of new policies shall take effect from March 2022.

New policies in 2022: pensions go up slightly, petrol prices increase sharply

Some new policies affecting most residents in the country take effect in January 2022.

Fine for maltreatment of dogs, cats set at $50-$150

In April, many new policies will take effect. 

Fresh policies take effect in March

The new regulations are on compulsory civil liability issuance, jobs subject to early retirement, and dimensional poverty line for 2022-2025.

Fresh policies come into effect from November

A string of fresh policies on early childhood education development policies, financial support for pedagogy students, sanctions on administrative violations in health sector shall come into effect from November.

New policies take effect in September

Since September 1, a married individual shall be fined VND 3-5 million if he/she cohabits with a partner as husband and wife, 

New policies, penalties come into effect in April

A range of new policies will come into effect this month, including fines of up to VNĐ100 million (US$4,192) for business owners who fail to pay their employees.

New policies take effect since March, 2020

Fresh regulations on handling administrative violations, credits for reformed prostitutes, Vietnamese nationality, alcohol trading shall come into force since March 2020.


New policies take effect in Vietnam since November

Raising loans for production and business establishments, new regulations on cooperative associations and public activities of the market management force are new policies that will come into effect since November 2019. 

HCM City implements new policies to attract talented staff

HCM City will begin implementing preferential policies this week to attract and retain talented people who can contribute to the city’s economic, social and cultural development.

New policies coming to America could take weight off Fed: Powell

 A push by Washington for more business-friendly regulation and fiscal support for the economy could improve America's mix of policies which in recent years have relied too much on the Federal Reserve,