New sea route connects Hai Phong port with RoK’s Ulsan port hinh anh 1
Illustrative photo (Photo: VNA) 

According to the Ulsan Port Authority, a new service operator, Evergreen Korea, plans to operate three trips to Ulsan port weekly.

It predicted that this new shipping route will generate an annual volume of about 24,000 TEUs (1 TEU = one 20-foot container) for the port.

Executive Vice President of the Ulsan Port Authority Jeong Sun-yo said that the operator will make every effort to help the new transport route connecting Ulsan Port with Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asia in general operate stably.

This year, from Ulsan, the RoK has opened two new shipping routes to the port of Penang in Malaysia and Ningbo port in China. By June 2023, the Ulsan Port Authority had operated a total of 37 container shipping routes to Southeast Asia, Japan, and China./. VNA