A scene in Về Nhà Ăn Tết Đi Con (Coming Home for Tet), a TV show on women, love and family values by director Quyen Loc, is being broadcast on HCM City Television to celebrate the Lunar New Year or Tet, which begins on January 24. (Photo courtesy of the producer)

The 34-part series, Làm Rể Mười Xuân (Meet the Parents-in-Law), portrays the lives of urban youth and focuses on young married couples who face challenges in love and career.

The film’s director Vo Dinh Nhat Tan shows how young women were able to redirect their life after setbacks. Traditional values in family are also highlighted.

“Key parts of the film have been rewritten during shooting to attract audiences,” said Tan.

“We decided to work on a sitcom and reality show because this is a trend among young people. We hope to lure them back from Korean productions to local television dung ring in the traditional Tet.”

Tan invited young comic actors Tuong Vi, Le Nam and Tuyen Map to play leading roles. "I wanted my characters’ lives to be realistic stories."

In the show, Đợi Mai (Waiting Mai), a production by young director Nguyen Do Khoa, the theme of fatherly love is featured.

The film is about a single father and his 16-year journey to find his daughter Mai who was lost during a Tet holiday.

“I hope audiences will forget bad things and live in a new year of happier and luckier things after watching,” said actor Quoc Cuong, who plays a leading role in Đợi Mai.

As a father, Cuong is experienced as a performer.

Đợi Mai was filmed in a studio with sound and light effects.

In a new show directed by Quyen Loc, women and their hardships they face today are featured.

The film, Về Nhà Ăn Tết Đi Con (Coming Home for Tet), features urban young women and their careers. It focuses on a young primary teacher, named Hoa, her new life and work in a remote village.

The woman finds confidence after providing training to poor students.

"I love this movie and my role. I can learn about different experiences and feel more confident and powerful to fight my own problems," said singer and actress Cao My Kim, who plays Hoa.
According to a representative of HCM City Television, more priority has been given to produce new works about social issues, particularly feminism and gender equality.

The TV shows will be broadcast every Monday to Friday on HTV7 and HTV9. — VNS

Director wants better conditions for TV series production

Director wants better conditions for TV series production

Vietnamese television series are flourishing on the small screen, with Về Nhà Đi Con (Come Home, My Dear), Quỳnh Búp Bê (Quỳnh the Doll) and Cả Một Đời Ân Oán (Life of Love and Feud) all huge hits.

TV shows on Vietnamese seas & islands to release

TV shows on Vietnamese seas & islands to release

A documentary film on Vietnamese seas and islands produced by HCM City Television Film Studio (TFS) will air next month.