VietNamNet Bridge – The capital's residents will be allowed to walk on the Nhat Tan Bridge to watch the fireworks on Lunar New Year Eve, which falls on February 18.



The Nhat Tan Bridge — File Photo




The fireworks will be set off from the river's alluvial area under the Long Bien Bridge. A representative from the Ha Noi Capital Command, which is responsible for setting off the fireworks, said that in order to avoid overcrowding, the fireworks will take place at two different spots along the bridge.

The first display will be set off about 200m upstream from the Nhat Tan Bridge, in Hai Boi Commune of Dong Anh District. The second set of fireworks will be set off 200m downstream from the bridge, in Vinh Ngoc Commune of Dong Anh District.

Vehicles will be banned on the bridge on New Year Eve. Instead, free parking lots will be set up on either side of the bridge.

Ambulance and firefighting trucks will be on duty that night.

It's the first time that a fireworks display is being organised at Nhat Tan Bridge this year. In all, fireworks will be set off at 30 locations in the city on Lunar New Year Eve.