The "Veston" music project was held at the Pedagogical College of Da Lat. It sold out all of its 5,000 tickets. VNS Photo An Phuong

After more than a month of delay, the concert of famous pop singer My Tam is expected to take place on April 25 at Military Zone 7 Stadium in HCM City and May 1 at My Dinh Stadium in Hanoi.

Most of the songs to be performed in the show are hits from her latest album Tâm 9.

The show will also feature special guests like Ha Anh Tuan, Phan Manh Quynh and rapper Wowy.

Recently, Tuan held a music concert in Da Lat City to launch his music project "Veston" to audiences. The concert sold all of its more than 5,000 tickets.

On May 15, a concert of love songs over 30 years of Quoc Bao will be held at Hoa Binh Theater in District 1 in HCM City.

The show will be divided into three parts to represent the career of the musician. It will include performances by celebrated singers like Tran Thu Ha and Bang Kieu.

In addition, musician Nguyen Minh Cuong and singer Nguyen Ha will perform a mini concert "Chạy trời sao khỏi nắng" (No flying from fate) at the Youth Culture House on the evening of April 17.

Singer Duong Trieu Vu will also hold a concert to help stimulate tourism demand in Hoi An. It will feature Quang Dung, Dam Vinh Hung and Ho Ngoc Ha. 

Online tunes go viral 

Due to COVID, many singers and musicians have taken the initiative and made changes. 

Many of them are still actively launching music products. In addition, a variety of content, forms and trends are still being produced.

This year, online music is still the most prominent trend in Vietnamese music.

Recently, episodes of "Xuân Hạ Thu Đông Rồi Lại Xuân" (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring again), a TV reality show showcasing street performances of favourite Vietnamese singers, went viral on social media in Vietnam.

The show is produced by HCM City Television (HTV) and Forest Studio. It has attracted 42,777 followers on its Facebook page and more than 265,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel.

Its videos, which screen live performances on HCM City streets, have earned tens of millions of views on YouTube.

Young singers like Hoa Minzy, Hua Kim Tuyen and Anh Tu have permanent spots on the show.

The trio has collaborated with special guest performers in each episode such as pop stars Uyen Linh and Van Mai Huong, winner and first runner-up of the TV reality music show Vietnam Idol 2010.

Singers Anh Tu, Hoa Minzy and Hua Kim Tuyen (left to right) perform in a Xuân Hạ Thu Đông Rồi Lại Xuân show. Photo courtesy of the producer

During the show, the singers have covered Vietnamese and foreign songs featuring different topics like love, film soundtracks, and favourite Vietnamese songs from the 2000s.

In addition, young singers such as Hoang Dung, Duong Hoang Yen, Phung Khanh Linh, Hoang Ly, Bui Cong Nam, Sofia, EmceeL and Huy R are also attracting the attention of audiences with their unique voices and young energy.

Experts say the music market this year will see big changes, with more opportunities for young artists and impressive, creative and meaningful music shows that are expected to attract many viewers. 


Online entertainment to thrive in 2021

Online entertainment to thrive in 2021

Online entertainment will be increasingly more popular in 2021 after a surge in use during 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts have said.

Young generation of pop singers forge their own path to stardom

Young generation of pop singers forge their own path to stardom

While the Vietnamese music industry has long been dominated by the millennial generation of artists born in 1981-1996, a younger generation with a new approach is shaking up the industry.