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Vietnamese users can share NFTs on Facebook

This is a new feature offered by Facebook in Vietnam, allowing users to share their NFTs (non-fungible token) on this social network.

Despite high salaries, tech firms are seriously short of game coders

The shortage of coders, which is at a red alert stage, could hinder the development of Vietnamese game production firms.

Vietnam among countries with the most NFT users

Vietnam is one of the three countries having the largest number of NFT (Non-fungible token) users in Southeast Asia with 2.2 million people, according to the Statista Digital Economy Compass 2022.

The blockchain newcomers playing towards the next level

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFT) – these are terms that are now widely discussed in every major economic sector, including in the entertainment and video game industry.

Vietnamese’s ownership of NFTs higher than that of Americans, Singaporeans

In 2021, financial news site Finder released a survey on the ownership and interest in NFTs of people around the world, including Vietnam. Vietnam is in a group with the highest ownership rate of NFTs among the surveyed economies.

Top Vietnamese rappers ready to join Blockchain

The top three rappers in Vietnam, LK, Datmaniac and B Ray, have joined the blockchain world. In addition, many other big names in the Vietnamese music industry have negotiated with partners to release NFTs in the near future.