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Wagyu cows drink beer and get massages

In Ba Vi, Hanoi, famous Wagyu cows drink beer and wine, and get a massage every day so that premium meat can be produced.

Roasted bee pupae: A starter to get the taste buds buzzing

A visit to midland and mountainous regions this season offers a golden chance for people to try the roasted pupae of forest bees.

White chafer grub: a specialty in Tra Vinh

At the end of the year, visitors will have an opportunity to try out white chafer grubs, salted fried Chu U crabs, Tra Cuon cylindrical glutinous rice cake…

There's a buzz about U Minh District's wild bee pupae salad

Wild bee pupae salad from U Minh District is among the best dishes of southern Ca Mau Province, said resident Huynh Van Ly, 76.

Strange products and flavors: spices made of ant eggs and herbs

A spice made of aromatic grass and ant eggs can only be found in GiaLai and five-color vermicelli in CaoBang are among the unusual products that can be found in Vietnam.

Odd food in Vietnam: smoked clay is specialty dish

In Vietnam, there is a village where villagers like eating soil. Earthen lumps are smoked and cut into small pieces like cookies and considered a specialty.

Vinh Phuc's smoked soil popular dish oddity

Smoked soil, a rare and odd dish, has been a popular cookie for many local people in the northern province of Vinh Phuc for generations.