Officials propose measures for 2020 socio-economic tasks hinh anh 1


Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh said that theministry will continue its strategy of multilateralisation and diversificationwith partners, thus preventing over-reliance on a single market. 

It will also partner with localities and businesscommunities on market development, formation of manufacturing chains tosustainably access international markets.

He suggested improving mechanism capacity in the fightagainst trade frauds, thus helping small- and medium-sized enterprises sustainablynavigate markets.

Meanwhile, Minister of Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentNguyen Xuan Cuong highlighted the need to improve skills and capability ofresponding to contingency cases regarding trade, market, climate change andepidemics.

He said the sector will work closely with ministries andagencies to meet the targets set in the government’s resolution.

According to him, market development is decisive to thegrowth of the agriculture sector. Apart from the European Union, the US, Japanand the Republic of Korea, the ministry also pays attention to ASEAN and will workclosely with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, localities and businesses inthe effort.

The minister attached importance to adopting technologicaladvances in agriculture and economic restructuring, including in national andprovincial-level products, and the One Commune, One Product programme. 

It is crucial to promote production and improve the livelihoodin rural areas in combination with environment protection, he said, adding thatmeasures will be also taken to cope with natural disasters and epidemics, anddeal with serious saltwater intrusion in southern provinces.

About the pork market, he said localities are focusing onpig rebreeding to ensure supply next month./.VNA