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Owners of motorbikes in Hanoi can get a free emission evaluation until November 30 as part of the city's scheme to improve air quality.

Outdated vehicles still run on streets of Saigon

Super-old motorbikes without lights or mirrors carrying bulky things still run on the streets of Saigon, threatening the safety of others.

High safety risks for buyers of smuggled electric bicycles

Smuggled low-quality components in electric bikes pose high risks for users in traffic and adversely affect domestic production.

VN cities needs strict measures to persuade residents to abandon old polluting motorbikes

Old vehicles are one of the major reasons behind the serious air pollution in urban areas.

Hanoi to subsidise replacement of old motorbikes

Owners of motorbikes more than 18 years old and failing to meet emission standards in Hanoi may receive a subsidy to purchase a new bike under a programme proposed by the city’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment.