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Underground wells which were closely linked to the lives of Vietnamese citizens can be found throughout the northern delta, especially in rural areas, with many dug approximately half a century ago still in use today in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

Spring on Hanoi’s street

Every year when spring comes around, the new season air creeps into small alleys, and every corner of Hanoi. 

Hang Luoc Street flower market opens for Tet in Hanoi

The Hoan Kiem District People’s Committee opened the Hang Luoc Street traditional flower market and diverse activities at the Phung Hung Street mural space on January 10 in celebration of the upcoming Lunar New Year (Tet).

Hanoi considers releasing doves around Hoan Kiem

Authorities in Hanoi have considering releasing doves around Hoan Kiem pedestrianised area.

Christmas atmosphere on Hang Ma Street

As Christmas nears, colourful decorations have already been sold at various shops and stores along Hang Ma Street in Hanoi.

Vietnam dreams of sleepless nightlife

The itinerary for a tourist visiting Hanoi typically includes some sightseeing for Instagram photos and trying out a bowl of ‘pho’ or a ‘banh mi’, possibly with a cup of egg coffee.


Land in Hanoi’s old quarters as expensive as gold

VietNamNet Bridge - The land price in old quarters is quoted at nearly VND1 billion per square meter, but few plots are available for sale.

Hanoi offers incentive for home-based parking services

 VietNamNet Bridge – Households in the capital’s Old Quarters can enjoy preferential tax rates if they offer motorbike parking services in their premises,

Residents range from elation to rage over expanded walking zones

 VietNamNet Bridge – A longtime resident of Hang Chieu Street, 75-year-old Nguyen Van Loi has for many years maintained the daily habit of walking around the Old Quarters for exercise.

Image: Hanoi’s first street paved with flagstones

 VietNamNet Bridge - Hoan Kiem District has proposed to the Hanoi authorities to pave 11 walking streets in the Old Quarter with flagstones instead of cement.

Five bars for expats in Hanoi's Old Quarter

 VietNamNet Bridge – Having a cocktail and talking with a few new friends is how to enjoy the nightlife of many expats and foreign tourists in the Hanoi Old Quarter.

Realty woes yet to hit Hanoi’s old quarters

 VietNamNet Bridge – There seems to be another Hanoi yet to be impacted by the years-long property market recession. For many observers, it is inexplicable why the old quarters of the capital city largely remain intact,

Mid-Autumn Festival in the Old Quarter

 VietNamNet Bridge – Star-shaped lanterns, masks, princess hat, unicorn heads... all kinds of toys for both adults and children are sold along streets in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.