VietNamNet Bridge – A 72-year-old man in the southern province of Binh Duong died after being stung by thousands of wasps; six other people were also unconscious and hospitalized.


Locals burned the tree with the beehive.



On the morning of December 13, Mr. Tran Phi Hao, 72 years old, a war invalid in Trang San hamlet, Vinh Hoa commune, Phu Giao district was attacked by thousands of bees on the way home, after doing morning exercise.

"Hearing Hao crying for help, I thought that he fell so I opened the door, ran across the road to the site where he was laying. I saw a very terrible scene: his body was covered by thousands of bees, which came from a nearby tree,” a local man named Thanh recalled.

Thanh was immediately attacked by the bees. Two students who passed the road were also attacked. A woman who saw the incident and tried to help these people was also stung.

Hearing the scream, several others rushed to help and they were also attacked by the bees.

Hao absorbed too much venom so he died on the way to the hospital. Six others were hospitalized with dozens of stings. The same day, these people were discharged from the hospital.

Shortly after the incident, local people placed a warning sign, cut the tree with the beehive and burned it.

Thu Ly