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MIC to stop websites acting like newspapers

In 2022, the number of licensed news websites and social networks decreased by 10-30 percent compared with 2021.

US$2.5 billion online ad market dominated by foreign platforms

About US$2.5 billion has been spent on online ads and digital marketing in 2022, most of which has gone to Facebook, Google and TikTok, according to the Vietnam E-Commerce Association (Vecom).

Online ads bring profit to some, annoy many others

VietNamNet Bridge - A survey has found that 52 percent of Vietnamese consumers feel overloaded with information, according to Doan Duy Khoi of Nielsen Vietnam.

1pay takes bold step abroad

VietNamNet Bridge - Established in 2013, 1Pay is a startup project developed by MOG Vietnam. However, unlike other mobile payment platforms, which focus on the domestic market, 1Pay developers have decided to take risks to develop overseas.

Facebook, Google dominate online advertising

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese businesses make only modest revenue from online advertising, while the majority of the market’s turnover goes to Facebook and Google,Tuan Ha, CEO of Vianalink, said at an online marketing forum held several days ago.

Teens most drawn to e-cigarettes by online ads

 While many forms of e-cigarette advertising increase the odds that teens will try the devices, a new U.S. study suggests that this generation of digital natives is most enticed by promotions they see online.

Ad firms still gleaning silver coins from online ads

The online ad market has not yet developed in Vietnam not because of the poor technology infrastructure and the lack of the workforce, but because of the lack of people’s confidence.

Online ads: the war between “familiarity” against “the colossal”

The competition between Vietnamese and foreign enterprises on the online ad market has been described as the fight of David against Goliath. In order to survive, Vietnamese need to apply their own tactical principle.