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The export value of Vietnamese small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through Amazon’s e-commerce platform enjoy a high growth rate of over 45% last year. (

Amazon Global Selling's Small and Medium Enterprise Empowerment Report in Vietnam in 2022 summed up a prosperous year of online exports in the country through cross-border e-commerce on Amazon.

Vietnamese SMEs are making most of the advantages brought about by online business and export opportunities in order to increase revenue and accelerate post-pandemic recovery.

According to data within the report, despite global challenges and the current international economic situation, cross-border e-commerce still shows many positive growth signals, thereby contributing to the recovery of local businesses.

The number of Vietnamese sales partners on Amazon also increased by more than 80%, of which most include small and medium enterprises.

The diverse participation of sales partners of many different sizes from various industries shows that cross-border e-commerce is no longer a playground exclusively for big brands.

This year has witnessed Vietnamese sales partners sell nearly 10 million products on Amazon's online stores globally, with the export value of Vietnamese sales partners on Amazon soaring by more than 45%.

Amazon Global Selling Vietnam's efforts for sellers have also brought about positive impacts to the Vietnamese digital economy, contributing to enhancing the position of goods and brand value "Made-in-Vietnam". This is as well as promoting local businesses to improve their social responsibility while supporting the creation of jobs throughout many localities.

Many Vietnamese SMEs such as AnEco, Lafooco, Sunhouse, and HMG continue to succeed as they both welcome the wave of cross-border e-commerce with Amazon and strive to create more jobs for local people.

Amazon Global Selling's Small and Medium Enterprise Empowerment Report also highlights how Vietnamese businesses have overcome challenges over the past 12 months, with confidence that bold experiments with new business models will pay off, ultimately boosting sales growth from online sales and exports.

Specifically, the number of products sold by Vietnamese sales partners on Amazon's stores increased by more than 35% over the same period from last year.

The number of sales partners in the nation exceeded the sales milestone of US$500,000 when conducting business on Amazon, representing an annual rise of 60%.

The number of Vietnamese SMEs taking advantage of Fulfillment Services by Amazon (FBA) grew by more than 90%, whilst their FBA sales increased by more than 50%.

Top selling categories of Vietnamese sales partners on Amazon include kitchen, home, textiles, health and personal care products, as well as home utilities.

These best-selling products not only contribute to promoting the general development of key manufacturing industries in the country, but also demonstrate the sustainable growth of Vietnamese SMEs.

Source: VOV