Sections include his place in the world, his paintings, poems, and music, his famous quotes, and books on Uncle Ho by Professor Julie Nguyen (Nguyen Dai Trang).

This special Ho Chi Minh Museum will be a venue for people to learn more about his spirit and love of peace and humanity through his poems.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Vietnam’s National Day, Professor Julie Nguyen has officially introduced two works - “Ho Chi Minh Songs” and “Vietnamese Lullabies” - to overseas readers. “Ho Chi Minh Songs” features 25 songs on Uncle Ho, five of which are composed by foreigners, while “Vietnamese Lullabies” introduces Canadian friends to the 4000-year history of building the homeland and protecting national sovereignty.

75 years have passed but the value of the Declaration of Independence read by President Ho Chi Minh at Ba Dinh Square on September 2, 1945 still stands strong. It is not only a source of pride for Vietnamese people but also touches the hearts of many international friends./.VNA