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Retailers shift to online platforms to boost sales

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced retailers to shift from traditional sales to online sales to adapt to the new circumstances.

Digital transformation – the key to overcoming Covid-19 among retailers

Experts believe that the impact of Covid-19 will last at least 12-16 months more. Only 14 percent of companies, the most agile and flexible, can become the ‘winners’, according to Arnaud Ginolin, CEO of BCG.

Vietnam’s businesses gear up for digitalization

Many companies have become digitized, believing this is the only way to achieve a breakthrough in their development.

Selling online: new opportunity for VN micro businesses

The ‘e-commerce wave’ has opened a new consumption trend in which anyone can create a platform of their own to start a business.

Retailers say rent for retail premised are too expensive

Chair of the Vietnam Retail Association (VRA) Vu Thi Hau, at a recently held event, complained about the suffering borne by Vietnamese retailers. 

Covid-19 changes how Vietnamese shop

Instead of going to traditional markets or supermarkets for essential goods, more Vietnamese are buying things online.

Restaurants, coffee chains in Vietnam switch to selling online delivery

After HCM City decided to temporarily close restaurants and catering services with the capacity of more than 30 customers, they began selling online and delivering food.

Retailers worry about competition from online channels

VietNamNet Bridge - Traditional distribution chains are still dominating the technology product retail market, but they are feeling the heat from online sale channels.

Strong liquor sold online, sellers break laws and evade tax

The ban on sale of liquors with alcohol content of 15 percent or more via the internet was issued one year ago, but online advertisements and sales of strong alcohol continue.

Online sellers’ battlefield continues to heat up

VietNamNet Bridge - Online sellers now are not fighting for profit but for market share, analysts say.

Online sellers on Facebook asked to declare income

More than 900 Facebook account holders identified by the HCMC Taxation Agency as online traders have declared tax, while 11,000 account holders have not done so, after receiving a message from the taxation body.

Hanoi, HCM City agencies vow to collect tax from online sellers

Taxation agencies are sending invitations and messages, making calls to online sellers and threatening to block Facebook accounts if online sellers continue to evade tax.

Online sales finally begin to bear fruit

VietNamNet Bridge - Retailers’ great efforts to develop online sales have been rewarded with initial success. 

Sales through mobile devices on the rise

VietNamNet Bridge - Market survey reports all show that shopping via mobile devices is becoming more and more popular among Vietnamese.

Realty transactions to be carried out via internet: survey

Land and house buyers and sellers will increasingly carry out their transactions via internet, according to CBRE, a multinational real estate service provider, and Genesis, a Chinese investor and real estate developer.