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Only 24.5 percent of workers certified

According to a report of the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM), 24.5 percent of jobs in Vietnam were high-skilled as of 2020 while the remaining were low skilled ones.

The Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) with the support of the Australia Supports Economic Reform in Vietnam (Aus4reform) held a seminar with the theme “Developing the labor market to promote economic restructuring in Vietnam” this morning.

Only 24.5 percent of workers certified.

CIEM research team said that one of the most important contents of economic restructuring process and growth model innovation in Vietnam is gradual transition from growth based on increasing the number of production inputs to growth based on increased productivity, labor quality, application of science and technology and innovation.

To do so, Vietnam needs to change its resource allocation mechanism with the orientation towards positive transition of production resources to more competitive, higher labor productivity and contribute better to the economic development of Vietnam, including manpower resources.

For recent years, Vietnam's labor market has made certain improvements to the legal framework for the labor market development, the quality improvement and competitiveness of human resources and job creation.

There has been a shift of labor from the agricultural sector to the industrial and service sectors; from the informal sector to the formal sector, from unstable jobs and freelance including self-employment, unpaid family work to stable and sustainable jobs; from simple jobs to occupations that require expertise and high technology; from low productivity areas to higher labor productivity. Employees' awareness of social insurance and unemployment insurance has improved significantly; therefore, the number of employees participating in social insurance and voluntary unemployment insurance has increased significantly compared to before.

However, there is still an abundance of laborers in Vietnam while job quality is not high; uneven development; plus, there is a serious imbalance in labor supply-demand among regions and economic sectors.

According to the report, the unofficial and unskilled workers still account for mainly whereas trained workers with certificates and qualifications are still low, reaching only 24.5 percent by 2020.

The research team proposed that in the coming period when the international economic context sees many unpredictable changes and changes, coupled with the strong development of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and climate change, Vietnam needs to focus on improving institutions, human resource training, and job creation.

In addition, the salary policy for employees should be considered and adjusted at the same time with the development of intermediary institutions, welfare mechanisms, and social insurance for employees to promote market development towards modernization, efficiency and integration with the regional and international labor markets, towards the goal of restructuring the economy in the direction of modernization to take Vietnam in to the group of upper middle-income countries.


It’s necessary to not increase basic salary for civil servants in 2021: expert

It’s necessary to not increase basic salary for civil servants in 2021: expert

Associate Professor Dinh Trong Thinh, a senior lecture of the Academy of Finance speaks about the Government’s proposal to not increase the monthly basic salary for civil servants and public employees next year.

Vietnam develops skilled human resources

Vietnam develops skilled human resources

Human resources are vital for any country and a measure of social progress, equality, and sustainable growth.


Screening tool to bump up FIE quality

Achecklist for appraisal of foreign-invested ventures in Vietnam will help the country woo desired foreign funding.

Lacking money, work on privately funded thermal power projects stalls

The thermal power projects developed by private investors all have been going slowly because of multiple problems.

Boosting international railway transport investment

The initial successes of the railway container transport network from Vietnam to Europe have inspired engagement with the international railway network.

Entertainment and cultural events of the week (November 28-December 4)

Upcoming entertainment and cultural events in Vietnam's major cities on November 28-December 4.

Wood manufacturers on alert for unpredictable new year prospects

While the United States is nearing a stance on imported wood that will affect Vietnam, domestic producers are being urged to modernise to survive.

Planning and Investment Ministry releases round-up of business results

The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) has just released the Enterprises White Book 2022, which confirmed the ratio of loss-making foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) is much more than other sectors.

Putting Vietnamese silk on the world map

VN has a long tradition of silk production and silk weaving. However, the Vietnamese silk brand is faint on the world map, a silent shadow behind foreign big brands.

Facilitating capital flows

Vietnam’s stock and property markets are struggling with volatile capital flows. If the situation is not properly tackled, dire consequences would be unavoidable.

Young singers entertain fans with new content

Young Vietnamese singers have been busy bringing new music content to audiences from now to the year end.

PM inspects infrastructure projects in HCM City

PM Pham Minh Chinh on November 27 inspected a number of infrastructure projects in HCM City, including the expansion of Binh Hung waste treatment plant, the construction of Ben Luc-Long Thanh expressway and the upgrading of National Highway 50.

Tiny traditional houses provide cultural model

To teach future generations about the symbolic meaning of the traditional house, an artisan in Plei Kte Village in the central province of Gia Lai has weaved many miniature communal houses from bamboo wicker.

Authentic Korean flavour in Hanoi

Dalgoogi Makchang is located in the Nam Trung Yen urban centre in Cau Giay District, which is dubbed as “little Korea”, about 10km from central Hanoi.


Vietnam, UK yet to tap potential of trade deal

Vietnam’s products make their brands

Vietnam is considered one of Southeast Asia’s most booming high-end product markets, worth nearly US$1 billion. Recent years have seen the domination of foreign products through official agents and hand-carried goods.

Van Long Lagoon in pristine beauty

As the largest wetland nature reserve with imposing mountain ranges amid a vast lake, Van Long Lagoon in Ninh Binh Province has been recognized as “the largest natural picture in Vietnam” by the Vietnam Book of Records.