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Health experts propose adjusting age limit on organ donation law

As of early October this year, after 31 years of organ transplants and 13 years of retrieving organs from brain-dead donors, the country has performed nearly 8,000 organ transplants.

About 6,500 organ transplants conducted nationwide in 30 years

About 6,500 organ transplants have been carried out in Vietnam since the first in 1992, showing great efforts by the entire health sector but still modest compared to other countries, an official has said.

Viet Duc Hospital gives gift of life with 23 organ transplants

For the first time in its history, doctors at Viet Duc Hospital in Hanoi successfully carried out 23 organ transplants within 13 days.

Record number of organ transplants performed in Vietnam

Doctors from Vietnam-Germany Hospital in Hanoi have successfully completed 23 organ transplants over the past 13 days, marking a significant step forward for multi-organ procedures conducted in the country.

Military hospital conducts 500th kidney transplant

On June 17, doctors from Military Hospital 103 successfully conducted the hospital's 500th kidney transplant operation on a female patient from Nong Cong District, the north-central province of Thanh Hoa.

Financial autonomy for Vietnam's public hospitals: a blessing or a curse

Just a day after undergoing surgery to remove one of her lung’s lobes, Nguyen Thi H., a 59-year-old woman from the northern province of Bac Giang, could already sit up and chat with other patients in the room.

Organ donors are life savers: top VN doctor

Professor Dr Trinh Hong Son, deputy director general of Viet Duc Hospital cum director of the National Co-ordination Centre for the Transplantation of Human Tissue, speaks about challenges in finding organ donors.

Organ donors sought as transplant demand rises

VietNamNet Bridge – Not long after receiving a kidney transplant four years ago, famous cai luong (reformed opera) singer Minh Vuong was able to return to the stage to perform.  

Organ transplants: 'Supercooling' keeps organs fresh

 A new technique can preserve organs for days before transplanting them, US researchers claim.