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Nguyen Ngoc Huong of HCM City’s Cu Chi District and her collaborators have jointly set up a start-up to produce freeze-dried powders from vegetables and leaves.

Trillions of VND of agricultural by-products burnt each year

Vietnam produces 50 tons of crop by-products yearly, but most of it is burned and not used as another resource.

The dark side of the agricultural industry: untreated waste

VietNamNet Bridge - At the Lagos Conference in 2016, Vietnam was reported as ranking 10th worldwide in air pollution. 

Organic fertilizer to be more commonly used in five to 10 years

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese farmers have been overusing chemical fertilizers, but within five to 10 years, organic fertilizers are expected to be more commonly used, experts say. 

Vietnam lags behind Thailand in use of blockchain in agriculture

Agriculture is the livelihood of 70 percent of Vietnamese. However, high prices, unequal quality, and the lack of information about products have all made it difficult to compete with Thai products of the same kinds.

Vietnam incurs losses from pollution from agricultural production

VietNamNet Bridge - Soil, water and air pollution have increased as a result of agricultural production growth in the last few decades.

Development of organic fertiliser key to VN’s future agriculture

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam has identified organic agriculture as the way forward, and why the development and promotion of the product is key to achieving their goals.

Agriculture Ministry urges use of organic fertilizer to ‘clean’ land

VietNamNet Bridge - Scientists warn that the overuse of inorganic fertilizers will bring long-term consequences like land degradation, pollution and high toxic residue in agricultural products.