Dien Bien Phu Airport 




In the latest report sent to the Ministry of Transport, ACV said that of the total investment capital, VND1.53 trillion will be used for site clearance and the remainder for the airport facilities, including runways, a terminal designed for 2 million passengers per year, parking areas and an air traffic control tower.   

AVC has proposed two modes for the airport investment. For the first option, the company will use its own capital to invest in some major parts of the project, while the remainder will be invested in by VATM and Dien Bien Province.

It would take 36 months to finish the project in this way which could help to ease pressure on the government and local budget.

For the second option, the projects will be invested by VATM and the government and local budget. After the project is completed, ACV will operate it.

It would take 40 months to put the project into service. But, this would mean the government and local budget would take the strain.

Dien Bien Phu is a domestic airport put into operation since 1994. It is now home to a 1,830-metre runway and a terminal which can serve 300,000 passengers per year.

At present, it can serve ATR72 aeroplanes and ones which are similar. So, now it can serve short air routes from Hanoi/Haiphong to Dien Bien only. Dtinews

Nhu Quynh