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Vietnamese nationals account for 25.4% of the total 1.82 million foreign workers who were working in Japan as of the end of October last year, according to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW).

Returning workers yearn for new support

More businesses are being encouraged to create training programmes before and after sending Vietnamese workers overseas, in order for human resources potential to not be wasted on their return.

Overseas work not a guarantee for career prosperity

Many low-skilled overseas Vietnamese workers are struggling on their return home, finding it difficult to settle in and find new jobs in the face of fierce domestic competition.

Better job opportunities for workers returning from Japan needed

Nguyen Tien Thanh has returned to his hometown in the central province of Nghe An for three years after working in Japan. The 34-year-old man is working as a construction worker after failing to find a better job in a Japanese firm in the area.

Over 1 million Vietnamese labourers sent to work abroad in 10 years

Over 1 million Vietnamese nationals have been sent abroad to work in the past decade, up nearly 40% from the figure recorded in the pre-2012 period, according to a report delivered at a nationwide conference held in Hanoi on August 25.

18 years in jail proposed for suspected murder of Vietnamese student in Japan

The procuracy agency of Osaka has proposed a sentence of 18 years in jail for a Dominican man who allegedly murdered a Vietnamese student in the Japanese prefecture.

Japan revokes permit of intermediary body after mistreatment of Vietnamese intern

Japanese authorities have decided to revoke the permit of Okayama Sangyo Gijutsu Kyodo Kumiai after it failed to prevent the physical abuse of a Vietnamese man by his Japanese co-workers at a construction firm.

Japanese company penalised for mistreatment of Vietnamese intern

Authorities of Japan on February 18 withdrawn the licence to receive foreign interns of a construction company where a Vietnamese apprentice was mistreated.

Vietnam among top 10 remittance recipients in 2020 with US$17.2 billion

This was a fourth consecutive year that Vietnam remains in the top 10 in terms of remittance.

Vietnam aims to bring 90,000 labourers to work abroad in 2021

The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA) is striving to bring 90,000 Vietnamese labourers to work abroad in 2021.

Hundreds queue from early morning for Japan visas

Hundreds of people lined up outside the Japanese Embassy in Hanoi on the early morning of November 25 to apply for visas.

Vietnamese workers in South Korea to lose deposits over contract violations

More than 1,400 Vietnamese guest workers in South Korea are set to lose their deposit of VND100 million (US$4,239) each due to fleeing from their workplace or attempting to illegally stay in the country.

More opportunities for Vietnamese to work seasonally in South Korea

The Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs has sent letters to city and provincial People’s Committees to guide signing and implementing agreements with South Korean localities on sending Vietnamese workers there for seasonal work.

Family reunites with three members from Equatorial Guinea

“I shed tears every time I think about the motherland’s sentiment for us. I’m very happy. I just want to say I am very grateful,” said Nguyen Quang Trieu, a worker who recently returned from Equatorial Guinea.

PM orders repatriating Vietnamese labourers in Equatorial Guinea immediately

Vietnamese labourers in Equatorial Guinea must be brought home immediately, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc requested at working session with the national steering committee for COVID-19 prevention and control in Hanoi on July 10.

Vietnamese people banned from taking potentially dangerous jobs abroad

Vietnamese people will be banned from doing hazardous jobs while overseas, including massage, under a new decree which will take effect from this month.

Over 1,000 Vietnamese nurses received training and work in Germany

By the end of 2019, more than 1,000 Vietnamese nurses received training and worked in Germany while being greatly appreciated by the German side, according to the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.


Monthly remittances exceed earnings of low-income VN households by 10 times

As global remittances hit record highs, a new report by UniTeller of low-income adults in Vietnam reveals the value of monthly remittances from family and friends working abroad now averages ten times of the monthly incomes of recipients.


Japan takes lead in attracting Vietnamese workers

Japan has overtaken Taiwan as the most popular destination for Vietnamese guest workers, according to the Department of Overseas Labor, under the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.


VN Labor Ministry warns against illegal overseas work

The Overseas Labor Management Department, under the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, has warned of risks for local laborers who illegally go abroad for work, especially in Japan, South Korea and Singapore.